Last week in America and Pre-Leaving Thoughts (7/24/2017)

Today marks the first day of my last week in America, what a weird time it is for me! The reality of me moving out of the country did not hit me until a few days ago, which felt like a combination of excitement and extreme nervousness for the unknown. I have a lot to look forward to and I know this is going to be the experience of a life time, but I still do have my worries and having not been to Germany before (well, at least outside of a layover at Frankfurt Airport) and not knowing what to expect is definitely a big deal to me.

The little traveler in me is extremely excited to be living in an area with close proximity to so many countries and that means so much exploring to do (at least within my budget!). I am trying to figure out all the places I want to go and see while trying to stay within my budget, and I have at least found a few of those places that I can do for relatively cheap.

Another thing I am extremely excited for is that I will be learning another language, which has been a dream of mine since I was a child. As they say in German: Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen (I can speak a little German), so i’m hoping that for the first few weeks i’m there, I will be able to get by alright. I know once I’m done with my six week course (basically a boot camp in German), I will be a lot more comfortable with the language, so that is exciting for me.

Now, this move is something that is way out of my comfort zone, moving 6,000 miles away for a year is a big deal. This move will be a growing experience for me, and I know it is very healthy to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while, so it is something I know that will work out perfectly.

One thing I was also very nervous about was me losing my friends from San Diego, this year I have made so many new valuable friends and one my biggest fears about this whole trip was that my friends would forget about me and when I come back they won’t want to be friends again. I have to remember that I will be making new friends while I am in Germany and the friends in San Diego who I am close with will stay in contact with me while I’m in Germany, so overall I do not worry about this anymore.

With everything in consideration, all of the positives completely weigh out all of the things that make me nervous about the trip, and so I am ready for this new chapter in my life. I am going all in into this trip and will maybe I’ll end up liking Germany so much that I’ll want to move there! But for now, all I can do is be in awe of the experience that I am about to do, and be grateful that I have this opportunity in the first place.


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