Farewell Party and Final Thoughts Before Taking Off (7/29/2017)

I’m not gonna lie, today was probably one of the hardest days about leaving to study abroad. It was my farewell party, and that means all my friends and family came to my parent’s house to say goodbye for a while.

Me and all my friends who drove to see me from my University, California.

The day was absolutely amazing, all the people that came (about 40 people) came to see me to say goodbye. It made me realize how grateful I am to have that many people support me in my decision to study abroad.

Me and my family at my farewell party, California.

It didn’t really hit me that today was gonna be the last time I see most of them until people started to actually leave. When my friend Sam started to pray with me, and then right after my two best friends Cody and Chance also left to go back to where they came from that’s when it really got to me, and I became super sad. I realized that I really am leaving and it’s happening very very soon.

Me and my friends Cody (middle) and Chance (Right), California.


With all of this in mind, while I can be sad that I won’t see a lot of the people I care so much about in my life I know that they are rooting for me to do my best while i’m abroad. What that means to me is that I can not let any of them down at all whatsoever, and in the end it motivates me to do well while I am abroad and to really use this experience as a growing one.

Me and my friend Sam, California.

Now that the party is over and I am sitting here, writing this blog and really having some time to think about today and what it means to me. I can say that while it was a sad day, it was also a very motivating day as well and I will be sure to not let anyone down and really go beyond what I think I am capable of.


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