Arriving to Germany (7/31 – 8/2 2017)

What a wild past few days, I have done so much this past week in Germany, and I have so much to tell about all of my adventures I’ve done. One of the biggest adventures I had this week was me getting to Germany in the first place, and that is exactly what I am going to be writing about today.

My ticket for my first flight from Los Angeles to Moscow. Los Angeles, California

When I got to LAX, all I had in my mind was excitement, I was nervous of course because of the unknown, but the nervousness was not even bothering me at the time. I got through security and waited for my first flight to Moscow, realizing these moments in the airport were my last moments in America for about a year. Even though I realized the significance of that, I was busy exchanging currency, and making last minute plans on my day trip to Moscow coming up very soon. We boarded the plane and before you knew it we took off to Europe. The flight from Los Angeles to Moscow was 11 hours and 40 minutes long (One of the longer flights I’ve done, but not the longest!). The plane itself was nice and the staff were friendly, not to mention the airplane food was surprisingly good.  Before I knew it, we were approaching Moscow and the plane landed at SVO airport in Russia.

Me in Red Square, behind me is Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Moscow, Russia


After landing in Russia I got off the plane and started making my way to downtown Moscow. Customs in the airport was hella confusing, nobody really spoke English and the officer said nothing to me but stamped the visa in my passport. I got on the Aeroexpress train that takes you to Moscow, and once I was off of the train I had to take the actual Moscow metro, which by the way had some of the most beautiful stations I have ever seen (unfortunately I did not take pictures). I was lost for about 20 minutes figuring out where I was in the city (no signs had English on them whatsoever) but I found my hostel and was able to check in.

Once I settled in, I went to go see the sight that made me want to go to Moscow, Red Square. Luckily the hostel I was staying at was only a ten minute walk to the famous square, and so it was easy figuring out where to go. When I got there the first thing I noticed is how many tourists were at the square, it was super packed. The square itself is smaller than I thought it would be, TV makes it look way bigger than it actually is. But the buildings were remarkable, so much detail and so much history in this tiny square in Russia. I was having the time of my life here, really taking in where I was and what I was about to do for the whole year abroad.

In front is Saint Basil’s Cathedral, to the right with the clock tower is the Kremlin in Red Square. Moscow, Russia

After visiting Red square I went to get dinner nearby the hostel, and got some fantastic dumplings and beer to go along with it all for under $5. I was extremely tired after dinner, and hoped that I would be able to rest after that till the next day so I could be at the airport in the morning. Well let’s just say I got absolutely no sleep and was a long night, the hardest night I’ve had since being abroad actually, a lot of emotions were happening and I could not control them. Luckily, I eventually was able to get two hours of sleep that night (at that point the only time I slept since being in the states) and headed back to the airport and got on my flight to Germany.

Now here I am in Germany and I’ve been here since Wednesday and life could not be better. I will be posting my first few days in Germany very soon, but until then, Auf Wiedersehen, bis Später!



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