My Day Trip To Switzerland (8/19/2017)

Every Saturday the school I am attending in Horb does an excursion somewhere within the state of Baden-Württemberg or within close proximity. Last week was the first trip, and for that trip we went to Freiburg, on the southwest tip of Germany located near the borders of Switzerland and France. But this weekend, we took a trip out of the country to Switzerland, and saw some pretty cool sights and places I’ve never even heard of till this weekend.

Me in Schafhausen, Switzerland. Behind me is the Rhine River

My first impressions of Switzerland was that it was very similar to Germany in many aspects. First the language in the region of Switzerland I was in was German (they call it Swiss-German because of the thick dialect that makes it hard to understand for people from Germany). Also the scenery around me was very similar to how Tübingen is, with a river running through the heart of the village (instead of the Neckar in Tübingen it’s the Rhine in Schafhausen). Not to mention public transportation is just as good in Switzerland than in Germany, which didn’t surprise me one bit.

IMG_4013 (1)
Behind me is the heart of Schafhausen, Switzerland

While there were many similarities, I can also list many differences. First of all the currency is different in Switzerland with the Swiss using Swiss Francs (Conversion rates 1 Franc for 0.88 Euros and 1 Franc being 1.04 USD). Switzerland is well known for being super expensive, and really it lives up to that rumor. The prices of everything were outrageous (I mean compared to Germany at least, living in California it would be similar), for instance my friends got lunch at an Italian place and paid 11 Swiss Francs for it (11.40 USD or 9.69 Euros). I could get the same type of lunch in Germany for 6 Euros (7.06 USD or 6.81 Francs), that’s a huge difference! When you learn that people in Switzerland make way more than the average person in Europe, then it starts to make sense why it is so expensive out there. Switzerland is not apart of the EU as well so politically they aren’t so alike that much.

Rhinefalls, the largest waterfall in Europe. Schafhausen, Switzerland

Now let’s talk about what I actually did out there. We toured the city of Schafhausen, which by the way was absolutely beautiful. Then took a train to the Rhinefalls, which is the largest waterfall in all of Europe. The Rhinefalls was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before (I have not been to Niagara Falls so maybe that’s why) and it was absolutely breathtaking. Not to mention it was super hot outside, and the mist from the fall was great to cool me down. I’ve never heard of this place before this weekend, and now that I have seen it I highly recommend stopping there if you ever come to Europe.

Me looking at the Rhinefalls

Overall, I love to travel to different places and the experience yesterday was a great way to experience Switzerland for the first time. I added Switzerland to the map I have on the homepage for the countries I have visited (with the countries in bold being places I’ve been since traveling abroad). If you haven’t seen that yet, check it out and watch how that map looks throughout the year.

Please give feedback about what you think about the blog, and if there needs any improvements and changes, and till next time tschüss!





2 thoughts on “My Day Trip To Switzerland (8/19/2017)”

  1. Wow! You answered most of my questions that popped up while reading from prices to euros. Thanks for sharing Brandon. Do you by any chance know what their main resource is or what boosts their economy besides tourism?

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