Moving In My New Home / Getting Through Homesickness (9/16/2017)

Friday morning September 15th I finished my last exam for my summer course in Horb, I packed up my things and said goodbye to my host family, I hopped on a train to Tübingen where I’m going to spend the next 10+ months going to school. When I arrived, I immediately went to my new apartment, and started settling in. The best part of this move is I get my own room, it’s first time having my own room while at a university, and I was very stoked about that.

Panorama of my room (only partly decorated of course 😉 )


My first night in town was awesome. There was an Italian market set up in the middle of the Marketplatz (downtown), and I got to eat some really good pasta (which by the way I’m super stoked about going to Rome on Wednesday and seeing what real Italian food will be like!). I also got pretty decent sleep in my new bed,  I won’t have my sheets until Monday, so I used a sleeping bag. My first night was pretty good!

The hardest part about studying abroad is the homesickness and missing my friends and family, even though I love being here and what I’m doing. Getting adjusted to this homesickness is like a roller coaster. I’m sure you all could imagine moving away from everything and everyone you know and starting fresh in a brand new country and a new language.

The Italian Festival in Tübingen, wow was it crowded!

Being able to talk to my friends and family often helps to ease the homesickness. I’m going to a new church on Sunday in Tübingen and I’m excited to meet new people and start building my social life out here in Germany. When I get back from my trip around Europe, there will be so many more college students in town since school will start soon after. My goal is to get heavily involved with the international program here at my university and get connections from all over the world and find a job. As I start to integrate into my new life, I’m sure the homesickness will start fade.

I am very excited that my family is coming out in November to see me (well everyone except my dad he has to work). I will be traveling with them to Rome and Barcelona, and I will get to show them my side of the world that I call home. Knowing I will see them soon makes me very happy, and helps to lessen the homesickness bug.

Stay tuned for my next blog post which will be about My Trip around Europe. It is going to be a crazy experience and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. Tschüss!

By the way, love the feedback so keep it going!


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