My Dream Realized, The Trip of A Lifetime (9/20/2017 – 10/2/2017)

One of my passions is to travel the world, and many of my dream vacation spots are located in the heart of Europe. Since I have finished my six weeks in Horb and have a month off I decided to embark on a vacation that I have dreamed of taking since I was in middle school. The trip included visiting seven countries in 12 days: Italy, Vatican City, France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. These last 12 days has flown by for me so fast, and is a trip I will never forget. Instead of writing everything I’ve done in detail, I am going to explain one aspect of each city that stood out to me the most, and why that specific part was my favorite part of the city.

Me at the Colosseum, how cool!


Before I talk about my favorite part of Rome, I want to mention that the bus from Tübingen to Rome was absolutely remarkable. While it was 16 hours long (yes, it was a very long ride but at least half was overnight) I got to see all the Italian countryside, and also got to visit Milan and Florence as we stopped and picked people up from those cities. Seeing the landscape change from the plains of the north, to Tuscany and finally to the city of Rome was defiantely one of the highlights of my time in Italy.

But the thing that absolutely stood out to me more than anything else would have to be the food (I know suprising right?). Italian food is one of my favorites, and being in the heart of Italy was like food heaven for me. The fact that I could eat homemade pasta and sauce for 4€ (or $4.71) and have a pretty filling portion was my favorite part. I still remember when I got my first order of pasta in Rome (A spaghetti carbonara dish), it became my favorite pasta dish I have ever had in my life. I also had pizza there too, and while it was super good I like American pizza better. Really though, I didn’t have something in Italy I did not like, and that is something that I could can be proud of.

Oh yeah, and the Colloseum was pretty cool as well.

Paris is absolutely amazing in it’s beauty.


Paris was a great suprise for me, as it absolutely blew my expectations out of the water. The city itself was beautiful,  with the old style buildings with the historical monuments patterning itself around the city. Not to mention the Siene River made all the pictures that much better. The biggest place that stood out to me specifically was the Champ de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower. My favorite thing to do this part of the trip was to go to the market, buy grapes and a baguette, and take it to Champ de Mars and have a picnic looking at the Eiffel Tower. To me, when I would be there I was the happiest I could be, not wanting to be anywhere else. There was another park closer to where I was staying that was remarkable in it’s beauty, and there it was a very similar experience (of course with more of the locals instead of tourists).

London at night was probably the best time to go see the city.


London for me was an interesting city, I definately felt the most comfortable in London out of all the cities on this trip (maybe because it felt the most like home). It really was different than I thought it would be, I expected it to be like the other European cities in that there were not many modern style buildings but i was totally wrong. Most of the cities I’ve seen in Europe typically have the old part of the city completely seperate from the modern part, but London it was all mixed together. For example you have the Clink prison (which is a historical prision in London that dates back to the 1500’s and is now a museum) and right next to it is The Shard (the tallest building in London currently and was built in 2009). The city is styled in this pattern all over the place, which gave the city a different feel than most.

One of the places that caught my attention in London was the Tower of London, and why exactly is because of the historical signifigance of the building. While I was in London I looked up many stories of people of royalty who were executed at the Tower of London, and it really fascinated me that I was looking at a builiding that was there when Anne Boeyln was held as prisioner and eventually excected there. London is definately one city I plan on returning to sometime in my life again.

It was so cool seeing these windmills in action!


For the last part of my trip I went to The Netherlands to go see Kinderdijk, a place known for its beauty and it’s windmills. For this part of the trip we originally were planning on staying in Amsterdam, but because of costs we ended up going to Rotterdam instead (luckily, it turned out to be the better option because Rotterdam is very close to Kinderdijk). Compared to all the European cities I have visited before, Rotterdam is the most unique one in my opinion. The city was the biggest port city in the world (it is still the largest and most important in Europe), but in World War 2 the city was completely destroyed, and so only 4 buildings in the whole town are from before the 1940’s. Because of this the whole city is modern, and quite unique in it’s architecture. I recommend this place if you like seeing cool architecture for sure.

Kinderdijk was so worth seeing, the windmills in action were some of my favorite things to watch and walking around the area was surreal in that I have been in big cities for such a long time, but then I was in a rural area which I really enjoyed. Highly recommend for sure.


Overall, I am glad to be back in Tübingen but had a fantastic time.

Please leave feedback for me about what you liked and what you did not like about this post, and stay tuned! I will be posting more soon, Tschüss!


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  1. Hi luv‼️
    So proud of uou and all your adventures your taking! I loved reading your blog. Ohhh how I love pasta! And for 4.75⁉️Anyway, love you and praying for you.

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