How I Ended Up In Italy This Weekend (10/15/2017)

I would personally say part of traveling abroad is doing unexpected things literally at the last minute, and it’s also part of the fun. A week ago I would have no idea that I would end up in Italy for the weekend, but things happen and I ended up having a great time. What’s great about living in Europe is that traveling to countries nearby is very affordable, and there are ways to make it even cheaper than you might think. Let me explain what I mean by that….

Getting to know people who live in Tubingen, I was told about a great deal that a certain airline called Eurowings was offering. Eurowings has a type of air ticket called blind booking, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. How it works is you pick a category of a type of place you would want to visit, and it shows a list of cities that correspond to that category. The catch is this, you don’t get to pick which city you visit, and you don’t find out what city you get until after you buy the ticket. The price is unbeliveably cheap, 33€ one way ($39.01 USD) or 66€ roundtrip ($78.02 USD) which when you consider the list of cities they offer is absolutely fantastic. I actually looked at the price of the ticket I got if I bought it normally, and the price was 99€ one way ($117.03 USD) or 198€ roundtrip ($234.06 USD), so you can see how much I saved by buying the ticket blind. The great thing about this deal is that even if it is last minute, you can still get the deal anyways and that means you can be flexible when you buy the tickets.

Blind booking.png
These are the options if you choose the culture category flying out of Stuttgart airport.

So when I decided to do this for my last weekend before school started, it ended up being an adventure I will never forget. After I bought my blind ticket I found out I was visiting Pisa, Italy and that made me pretty excited for many reasons. First, seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa was one my bucket lists on places to visit. Second, Pisa is located near the Mediterranean Sea and that means I can go to the beach within an hour train ride or so. Not to mention Italian food is absolutely fantastic and Pisa had some good places to their name.

Unfortunately I could not get that typical tourist picture of me holding up the tower but still awesome 🙂

So arriving in Pisa I went immediately went to the Leaning Tower, and checked out Piazza dei Miracoli (the area where the tower is located). The area itself has many tourists, which can be annoying because that means many pickpockets trying to steal things from them. But if you find the right location you can sit on a lawn that has not many tourists and has a great view of the whole plaza, and that was one my favorite spots I’ve visited in all of Europe. The tower was smaller than I thought it would be, but it really does look like it is about to fall over and the fact that they were able to permanently fix the problem is amazing to me.

The lawn area I was talking about, not as busy as by the tower

The next day I visited a famous area on the Mediterranean Sea called Cinque Terre, which consists of 5 small Italian towns only accessible by train or boat. The shoreline was breathtaking, it reminded me very much of home and was arguably my favorite part of my weekend trip. I highly recommend visiting this place if you are ever in Italy.

The shoreline of Italy is something I will want to visit again very soon!

For my last day I visited the port town of Livorno, the city where if you take a cruise to Italy is the main port town to visit Tuscany. They have a old port town that has been there for hundreds of years, and it was fun to go see such an old piece of history.

A town in Cinque Terre, such a picturesque city!

Considering I did so much this weekend, it might be hard to believe I did all of this for under 150€ ($176.52 USD), but I really did. The flights, my hostel, all the food and sites I visited for the weekend was super cheap for the three days I went. That’s why I highly recommend if you are living in Europe to take advantage of the blind bookings options for fun weekend trips.

Thanks for reading, please send me feedback of what you think of my blog, and how I can improve it at Until next time, Tschüss!




2 thoughts on “How I Ended Up In Italy This Weekend (10/15/2017)”

  1. Love this pictorial journal of your weekend vacation. Must be so fun to be single and just travel anywhere, anytime. Enjoy the incredible flexibility and freedom! What an adventure. Can’t wait to hear about school!

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