90 Days Later…. (10/22/2017)

I’ve been out of the USA for about 90 days now, hard to believe how fast time has gone by for me. During this time I have checked off so much of my bucket list, and am looking forward to doing this for the rest of my year abroad. I figured I would do an update on my language progress, my opinions on living in Germany in general and even my future options career wise. So with all that being said, let’s get into it!

The longer I’ve been in Germany, the more I’m coming to enjoy where I am. When I first got here, it felt foreign to me in terms of feeling so far away from everything I knew. I knew it was always good for me but overall it was hard for me especially leaving all my family and friends. And while I still have my low days missing family and friends (yes it still happens every once in a while) it’s becoming less prevalent and I believe that as a good sign. It does help to think that family and friends are rooting for me at home, and makes me smile when I do talk to them and hear their thoughts on my new life abroad. Another benefit about moving so far away is that I give my family a reason to travel as well, and in under three weeks they are visiting me in Europe and I get to show them my new home while traveling with them to Rome as well. Can’t wait to have them fall in love with Germany as much as I do right now!

Tübingen Marketplatz
Tübingen Marketplatz (Marketplace) in the middle of the Alt Stadt (Old Town)

Let’s face it, before I came to Germany my German was almost none existent. I took one semester of the language prior to coming here, and the course I took was from freshmen year! While in Horb I was attending a language course for six weeks, and at first was hella confused and was worried about my progression. But now I’m starting to see real progression of my language skills, I understand so much more than I thought I would at the point I’m at. Not only that but I can have a conversation and carry it on in German for a longer time than I thought I would at this point. I still have a hard time with listening and grammar, but when my language courses start on the 30th I know these will get better over time.

Ulm vs Tübingen.png
Location of Ulm relative to Tübingen, Ulm is the checkmark and Tübingen is the X mark.

So for this current semester I am studying in Tübingen, studying Germanistik (German Language). The language progression can be labeled by levels, where A1 is beginner, A2 – B1 is intermediate, and B2 – C1 is advanced (C2 is fluent). My goal this semester is to focus heavily on my studies and excel in my language courses so that I will be a B1 level by the end of the semester (I currently am considered A2). After this current semester ends I get a two month break before I start school again, but this time I will be moving to Ulm where I will be taking mathematics courses (in German!). In Ulm I will have a job that will give me experience for my major in the fields of math, computer science or even biology. I am looking forward to doing all of that, but I am happy to be in Tübingen as of right now.

The city of Ulm on the Danube River. The tallest church in the world, the Ulm Minster is located here and is the tall fancy church building in the background.

While I have been in Germany, I have had much time to think about my career options and what specifically I want to do with my degree. In Germany the universities for the students are basically free ($1000 for the whole year at most), but you need to be at least a B2 or C1 to really survive out here without language courses. Because of how affordable it is to get a degree out here, and how cheap Germany is in general, I am going toward the direction of getting my master’s in Germany and possibly even my doctorate as well. My passion is teaching to college students, my last semester in San Diego I was a workshop leader (basically a TA that doesn’t give out grades, but otherwise still has students and attendance and leads a class of students) for a Calculus 2 course. The class went super well, all the students really enjoyed the workshop and did really well in the course because of it. This is what really motivated me to want to eventually teach at a university and community colleges as well. When I get back to San Diego my last two years will be spent taking German courses along with math courses, so I can get my proficiency in German up to that B2 level.

But yeah that’s basically it, if you have any feedback about what you think about the blog, and how I can improve it please send it to einstossabroad@gmail.com. Also feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk with me in general, I love hearing from people from home and would love to catch up with anyone who is interested. Until next time, tschüss!


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