Special Guests Come Visit Me in Germany (11/13/2017)

Saturday afternoon I found myself at Stuttgart airport to pick up some people very special and dear in my life. These individuals have been traveling in Europe since mid last week, and finally were able to make it to Germany to see my new home. They have rooted me on throughout my whole experience, and without them I probably would have taken much longer to adjust living so far away from home. These special people are my grandparents, my mother, my sister and her husband. When they arrived, we wouldn’t realize how much fun we all would have together and the memories created these last two days. But it turned out to be one of my favorite moments abroad, and for a good reason to be exact.

Me and my family all together in Tübingen!


When they got to Tübingen, everyone immediately fell in love with the city itself. Walking around the Alt Stadt (Old City) they kept on telling me how much they love my new home. I showed my family the city castle with all the fantastic views of the surrounding valley, I also showed them the Neckar river running through the city, and we walked through the numerous parks within the city of Tübingen itself.  It was a nice paced, and easy going weekend and that was perfect for all of us to enjoy.

We took many pictures by the Neckar River in the city

I also got to show them my university, and my living situation here in Tübingen. It was great because they got to see the places I visit in my regular days and sort of experience my daily life here in Tübingen. Their reactions were also very positive, and seeing how much they were enjoying themselves really lightened up my day.

A picture of my family and me in the Alt Stadt in Tübingen

We also got to go to many German restaurants here in Tübingen, while also trying the local fast food joints. We also got lots of German beer at various bars around the Alt Stadt and did hookah in the hookah lounges in town. Since we went to many restaurants and bars I got to practice my German in front of them very often. They were very impressed with my progress, and I can say hearing that definitely has motivated me to keep going full speed on my language progression.

The Einstoss Family (except for my dad, wish he could have been there!)

My favorite part of the weekend would have to be when my family was talking about how much I have changed since being out here. My family told me they could see right away how much I have matured and grown, they also told me I carry myself with much more confidence than I did before and I seem very comfortable and happy in Germany. I had a rough year my last school year, and so hearing about how much I have grown since then has really encouraged me personally. The fact that my family, who knows me very well already can see change within less than a day about my maturity and growth gives me a good sign that I did the right thing to come out here to Germany. I strongly believe I needed this experience to really grow and become closer to that person I always am striving to be.

Rauch Familie
Me with the Rauch Family

Friday I leave to go to Rome to meet my family again and celebrate a “Thanksgiving” with them in Italy for the weekend. It will be the last time I see them for a very long time, and I am excited to share a fantastic weekend with them at the heart of the ancient Roman Empire.

Fun TImes in Tubingen
Me and the Fam in the Alt Stadt in Germany

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Vielen Dank, und Tschüss!


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