Ringing in the New Year in Prague (01/04/2018)

New Years is always a fun time for me, for the most part I’ve always celebrated New Years with my family back in Murrieta with the only exceptions being the last two times. In 2016 I spent the New Years with friends in San Francisco, but this year was defiantly very peculiar compared to the rest as I’ll explain.

The city of Prague as seen from the Prague Castle

This year was the first holiday season in my life outside of the US, because of this I knew I had to do something special for it and that’s exactly what I did. For Christmas I did a cruise around Scandinavia, if you haven’t read my post on that defiantly check it out. I have friends who are living in Prague for their study abroad and they are leaving next week back to go back to the states. I knew that if I didn’t go now I wouldn’t see them while I’m in Europe so I booked a last minute ticket to the Czech Republic to spend New Years with them. I knew it would be a cool place to spend New Years since it is the second most popular place in Europe to visit for the occasion, but I had no idea how cool the experience would actually be.

The city was still decorated like Christmas!

Fireworks were going off everywhere, all night long. Not only that but everywhere we went was insanely crowded. It was unlike anything I have ever seen before, and yet I found myself really enjoying the experience. Even on New Year’s Day there was a big fireworks show in the city center, and people still lighting off fireworks for hours on end. Overall a New Year’s I will never forget.

(From left to right) Me, Aubrey, Baylie, and Joe. Good to see friends abroad!

My last night in Prague I went out with my friends from SDSU and they showed me the life of a local in Prague. It was a different experience than what I had doing all the touristy stuff, and I really enjoyed being able to see Prague from a different lens. Everyone in Prague was super friendly and I highly recommend you go and visit it if you can!

Thanks for reading my blog, any feedback can be sent to einstossabroad@gmail.com and stay tuned for my next blog!


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