Life Update and Reaching the Halfway Mark (1/30/2018)

It has officially been 6 months since I have left the United States, has time flown by so fast! My life quality has improved significantly, my German has improved significantly, and I have never been happier in my life. I have done so much this past six months, and still have so much more to learn and see the next half of my adventure. I wanted to discuss more about my future plans but also talk about some noteworthy achievement’s I have accomplished the last six months.

My first semester of courses in Tübingen finishes session next Friday. After my semester is officially over I have about a two month break before I start my second semester, of course which I have a lot going on. In two weeks i’m getting my wisdom teeth removed (thanks to Germany for affordable health care!), and in three weeks I will be going on a trip to Spain, Gibraltar and Morocco for 4 days.

The city I will call home in a month, Ulm

In four weeks I officially will be moving out of Tübingen and into my new home in Ulm. In Ulm I will spend the rest of my year in Germany, studying at the University there to take math courses in the German language (wish me luck on that one!). In six weeks I travel to Berlin and Greece (Athens and Santorini) for 5 days. 6 days after my trip to Greece I take a bus to Paris and I will fly back to California for two weeks, celebrating my 21st birthday in Las Vegas. I return to Ulm on April 11, right before my second semester begins on the 16th.

While I do have so much things coming up to look forward to,  I want to also reflect on my last six months in Germany and show you what I’ve accomplished so far. For example, my language progression has been significant since being here. My level of German arriving was at an A1 level (the lowest level possible), I had almost no background at all learning the language. Using German everyday and having classes that emphasize speaking only in German I have been able to reach a B1 level now (intermediate), which is significant considering the time frame of it all. While I still have hard time with certain aspects of the language (word order for instance) I have noticed improvements overall in every part of the language so far.

Countries i've visited for my blog
All the countries I have visited so far

One of my passions is to travel, and because of Germany’s location in Europe it is a great spot to live in. If you look on my homepage on this blog you can see a map exactly as shown above, with the pins signifying the countries I have visited. Since leaving the US on July 31st I have traveled to 15 different countries, an absurdly crazy amount of places within only 6 months! I still have another six months more of traveling, and while I probably won’t be going as many places as I was before I can still see many new places I haven’t gone to.

Overall, I have so much to look back at and be thankful, and am looking forward to the next six months abroad! 🙂


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