März, der Monat der Ferien (03/22/2018)

If I had to describe my March in one word it would be the word “busy”. So much has happened this month, from me moving to Ulm to going on three vacations within two weeks. In my opinion, March has been the best month of my study abroad experience so far because much has been done and I feel very satisfied with all my experiences these past couple weeks. While I do want to write about my opinions on living in Ulm, I wanted to spend this blog highlighting my three vacations I’ve done this past month and my favorite aspect of each place. I will write a blog on my experiences in Ulm once I have more time to explore the city, since I haven’t really had much time there so far. But for now, let’s start off with discussing my first trip in March in which I traveled to Edinburgh.

Edinburgh, Scotland – March 5-8

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Out of all the trips I have done in March, this trip was planned the most last minute. I booked everything for this trip while I was on my Morocco trip, due to seeing cheap airfare prices and having a desire to visit friends who I knew that lived there. During my time in the city I got to see the main part of town, but also got to explore the coast of Scotland. Seeing friends who I knew from home was great as well, for instance I saw of my friend of mine from SDSU who I haven’t seen since July and it was great seeing and catching up with her.

Saint Gallen, Switzerland – March 10-11

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One of the places that was on my bucket list was to visit the Swiss Alps, and so that’s exactly what I decided to do when I went to Saint Gallen. I spent my first day exploring the city of Saint Gallen itself, a transportation hub in Switzerland and a beautiful city a little smaller than the size of Murrieta (my hometown) in close proximity to the Bodensee. The next morning I traveled to Säntis, where they have a cable car to the top of the mountain. Here you get some of the most amazing views of the Swiss Alps, and let me tell you it was one of the most beautiful places I have visited in my life. If you ever go to Switzerland you need to see the alps, I for sure hope I can make it back there again myself!

Athens and Santorini, Greece – March 15-20

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Another bucket list place I wanted to visit was Athens because I was always so interested in Greek mythology. Athens has such a rich history to the place, going back to thousands of years and has survived many events over time. As you’re walking around the city of Athens it’s very normal to see ancient ruins scattered throughout, not to mention the Acropolis which sits high up on top of one of the highest hills in the city. Walking through these ancient sites and seeing them in person after learning about these places in history books was an experience I really enjoyed. I figured when planning this trip that since I’m in Greece I had to visit one of the famous islands as well. I’ve heard a lot about Santorini from many people, and since I found cheap flights I decided to add that to my itinerary. The island of Santorini is the southern most island of the Cyclades Islands and is famous for the cities on the cliff of the caldera. There is a hike in the island from the town of Fira to the town Oia, a two hour hike with some one the most breathtaking views I have seen in my life. The weather was beautiful, clear and sunny and you could see many of the islands that surround Santorini. This hike was the highlight of my trip to Greece and is a must if you visit the island of Santorini.

So now I can say I have been to 19 different countries since my departure from the United States in July, how crazy is that! But now that all of these trips are done I finally get to enjoy my new home of Ulm, but not for too long! On March 26th I will return to the United States just for two weeks before my semester starts up in Ulm. I will be traveling to my hometown Murrieta, to San Diego to visit friends I haven’t seen since July, to Los Angeles and I will be celebrating my 21st birthday in Las Vegas. I will fly back to Europe April 10th and be back in Ulm April 12th to get back for the start of my second semester on April 16th.

That’s all for now so until next time, Tschüss and bis später! 🙂


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