Getting Back In the Swing of Things And Thoughts About Next Year (04/19/2018)

After having two months of break, I finally have started classes here at the University of Ulm this week. I just got back from the United States on the 12th and was lucky enough to recover from Jetlag right before my classes began, so I was fresh and ready to go. This week has been a very interesting for me in many ways, and I wanted to discuss this more in detail in a blog post.

First of all I want to talk about Ulm, and how my university classes are like.

It’s finally Spring here in Ulm, took this just a couple days ago

Before I left for the US at the end of March for my two week vacation I distinctly remember Ulm still being cold and very cloudy all the time, but when I returned, the weather was completely different! It was like I brought my weather from So Cal and brought it here to Germany because it has been sunny and warm almost every single day this week. Flowers are blooming, people are hanging outside now and the most important thing of course is Biergartens are opening up again. It’s finally Spring here in Ulm and I couldn’t be happier!

Summer semester schedule
My Summer Semester schedule, remember I’m only taking three classes!

Like how I mentioned in the beginning, my classes began this week as well. I am taking three courses here at the University of Ulm (doesn’t sound like a lot but i’m full time with that!). The classes are Advanced Calculus 1 (MATH 330 SDSU Equivalent), Linear Algebra (MATH 524 SDSU Equivalent), and a German language course. An interesting thing to point out about my math classes is that they’re both completely in German! For me the challenge excites me because it will really boost my language skills, and also I could say I took a course in a language other than English 😉

Because I am taking math classes completely in German, it is more work for me due to the language. I am currently a B1 German speaker, and I am in classes for natives of the German language so of course there will be difficulty. I have to work twice as hard, do twice of the amount of studying and get twice the help in hopes to succeed. I know I can do it, I was of course nervous about this situation (I mean who wouldn’t be?) but I won’t let that get in my way. This is the motivation I needed to gain back and this is to prove I got my tenacity back that I thought I lost last year.


I also wanted to talk about my situation regarding next year, as I have finally reached a conclusion on my decision to either stay in Germany next year or return to SDSU in the fall.

SDSU to Uni Ulm
Location of SDSU (House pin) and Uni Ulm (Camera Pin). Where will I end up going next year?

I had plans to stay in Germany, to continue another year here at the University of Ulm and take math classes while working on my German fluency. I had a back up plan to register for SDSU courses in the fall just in case of any situation, for instance units not being able to transfer. My registration date for SDSU was Monday, and so that day I started looking up and registering for classes for next year. While doing this, I started to think about many things regarding my decision to want to stay in Germany or go back to SDSU. I thought I knew what I wanted and I thought I wanted to stay in Germany next year (read my blog post about my trip to the states, I kinda touch on this subject a bit more) but something started to change. I realized that this year in Germany I got to do everything I really wanted to do on a study abroad experience. For example from this experience I got to go traveling everywhere, I got to learn another language, and I got to experience a different culture than my own. This year I also gained back a sense of independence I thought I lost for a while, and feel like this experience has matured me in ways that staying in the US wouldn’t have. Through all this I decided that going back to SDSU is what I really wanted to do in the end.

The biggest thing for me was that I wanted a fresh start at SDSU, and realized I could achieve that now after my year in Germany and have worked on the issues I wanted to fix about myself. I also miss San Diego in general, while living there I didn’t appreciate the beauty of the place as much as I do now especially after going back after so long. I distinctly remember when I first arrived at State a couple weeks ago for the first time in 8 months, I got so excited to be back. I really missed State even if I didn’t want to admit it at the time, and now I can see how that had an influence on my decision to come back in the end.

As far as future plans go I don’t really have any travel plans coming up, I really just want to focus on school and save up money for next year (thankfully I got a scholarship here that will let me start to save up money). I plan on flying back to the states for good either August 13th or August 21st, but really that might be my next big thing. I really want to enjoy my last couple months in Germany and do well in my studies, so traveling for me is something I can wait to do for now.

Thanks for checking this out, I really would love to hear from people and catch up, so why not send me an email at and I will get to back to you!

Thanks, and until next time Tschüss!


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