The Bittersweet Moment of Buying My Plane Ticket Home (5/15/2018)

It’s the time of year that I have to start preparing for my departure back to the United States, even though I have until the end of this semester in the country of Germany. With a little more than three months left on my journey abroad, certain things like getting housing for next year in San Diego and making my schedule for the next academic school year have been filling up some of my free time. Out of all the things though that I have done concerning the next year, perhaps the most bittersweet of them was when I finally bought my plane ticket home, and that’s what I wanted to talk about today.

SDSU to Uni Ulm
My flight path home: FRA-KEF-LAX

So I’m sure you’re all wondering when my flight home will be, and now I am able to say with certainty that my flight back to the United States will be on August 21 from Frankfurt Airport to Los Angeles (with a 45 minute stopover in Iceland) on WOW air. The timing of this flight is rather tight with my university schedule as I will have to move into San Diego literally the next day on August 22nd and start school August 27th (literally less than a week before my classes begin).

The ticket that started it all, my plane ticket from Los Angeles to Moscow (Taken 31 July at LAX)

But I wanted to discuss the feeling of the moment I bought my plane ticket home and the significance of that. I still remember when I bought my plane ticket to Germany last year and what an exciting moment it was for me. At that point I was at one of the lowest points of my life, and going to Germany seemed like a new start for me and a place to find out more about myself. I also remember the last few days before I left, from my farewell party to the last night of being in the United States for what would be a very long time. Those days flew by so fast, it seemed like so much was happening all at once and I was diving straight into a fresh start. I remember getting on my flight to Moscow, not realizing the significance of what I was doing until I got to where I was and then it hit me like a truck that I was moving across the world to a foreign country. While yes there were ups and downs throughout the year, I have grown so much from this experience and have seen much changes throughout my life that were needed for me to be a happier person.

Now 9 months later, here I was buying my plane ticket home after having spent almost a full year here in Germany. I started to realize that going back home will be a very similar experience to me coming here, just everything will be in reverse compared to before. My last few days here will be similar to my last few days in the states, and my flight home and first experiences back in the states will be similar to when I first got to Germany. I am expecting to get a little bit of a reverse culture shock, and will be anticipating missing being in Germany. But here’s the thing: this is completely normal.

A little more than three months till I get to call this city home again ❤

I have so much to look forward to coming back: being back in my favorite city in the whole world (now I can say that with certainty 🙂 ), the food, my car, my family, the weather, a chance to start fresh again. All these things I have been wanting to experience again, and trust me I will be very soon. But of course there will so much I will miss from being here: the cost of traveling, the language, the beautiful cities that are everywhere in Baden Würrtemberg, and of course the beer fests 😀 All I can really do right now is enjoy the rest of my journey here in Germany and take it all in for what it is worth.


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