My German Holiday Experience in Spain (07/05/2018)

Since my return to Germany from the United States in April I have been busy every week with school. My return from the USA was on April 10th, with my classes starting less than a week later on the 16th. If you have read my earlier blog posts regarding my classes school has been very stressful for me this semester, but also very growing too. I have not had a break from school since starting, and knew a vacation away from school for a weekend was what I needed to get myself motivated again (as the stress of school was actually affecting my health and well being).

Me and my friends were originally planning on doing the trip to Venice at this time, but we ended up finding cheap flights to an island called Mallorca in Spain. The tickets were 20€ each way, and this trip took place during the middle of the summer (isn’t that insane!).

Location of Germany in Europe
Location of Mallorca in Spain

Once we got everything figured out about Mallorca, I start looking up things to do on the island for the four days that we would visit. I asked some of my German friends about what they would recommend about Mallorca, and their answers surprised me. They said Mallorca was a very popular German party destination, and it turns out the area where the hotel was at was right in the heart of the German party life. I was thinking the last place I would hear so much German would be Mallorca, but man was I up for a surprise!

Coral, Me, Lizzie and Anton on the first night in Mallorca

We arrived in Mallorca on Friday night, and once we checked into the hotel and got ready to walk around it turned out to be one of the most interesting nights of the whole trip. It was 11PM when we started to walk around the town we were staying, and the whole area was completely busy. It almost seemed like a Las Vegas type of city, where the life of the city was in the night more than in the day and this really intrigued me. The beaches were full of people, the bars completely full, and people everywhere are selling merchandise for a profit.

The view from my hotel rooftop

As we kept walking we started to approach the area known as “Ballermann”, this area is the famous street where all the Germans go to party, various Beer Halls and German Clubs appeared everywhere along with many German restaurants selling German food (most noticeably Currywurst). It was hard to remember sometimes that you were actually in Spain being there, most noticeably because you’re only hearing German being spoken (also all the signs were in German as well). Not to mention you’re visiting beer halls, hearing Schlager music (German party music is my best explanation of it) and talking with people in German! A few times I can remember me and my friends going on google maps and being shocked that we were actually in Spain (as funny as that sounds it’s actually true 🙂 ).  This part of Mallorca is definitely something that I will not forget, and will be a memory for future years of nostalgia.

Me and my friend Coral watching the sunset on the beach

During my time in Mallorca my main goal was to be able to relax and take a chill pill before the finals season began. Much of my time during the day was spent doing exactly that. From going to the beach and laying on lounge chairs, to swimming in the pool on the rooftop of my hotel, Mallorca really was my remedy for me to get better and prepare myself for finals. The area itself looked like it came from a postcard, it was absolutely incredible in terms of beauty and almost seemed not real. The turquoise water, with the long strand of the beach and mountains in the background on the other side of the island it really felt like a world away from Ulm. It reminded me a little bit of San Diego in a way, with exceptions being the weather was different and the style of the buildings resembled more of Mexico. But everything else about it, the natural landscape for instance, reminded me of home. It reminded me that I will be returning back to the United States at the end of next month, and had me excited but also a little sad too.

Me, Lizzie and Anton on the last night of the trip

This was my first vacation where I spent time with actual good friends of mine, and while thinking about home I realized that I will actually have to leave in a month to go home, and I don’t think I’m ready as much as I would like to think. I’m going to miss so much here in Europe: my new friends, the way of life here in Europe, the ease of traveling, but most of all the land where I can now call my second home, Germany. Maybe for this reason I felt like Mallorca had a special place in my heart, and it would be because I grew to love the German Culture and I was completely surrounded by it in Mallorca as it was a stark reminder of what I have done for the year while also being an escape from the world of stress. Thanks to my friends Lizzie, Coral and Anton that made this trip one of the best in the books, this definitely was one of the best trips I’ve taken all year and I can’t wait to when we bring up these memories in nostalgia.

All of us together exploring the city of Palma






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