The Wonders of Southern Germany (07/16/2018)

I have been living in southern Germany now for almost a year, and have grown to love the landscape so much. There’s so much to see here in the two states of Baden Württemberg and Bavaria, and yet many people don’t prioritize visiting southern Germany when they come to Europe (outside of Munich at least). I wanted to write a blog post talking about all the places in southern Germany I have come to love, and hopefully through this I can convince a good group of people to give southern Germany a chance on their next European trip!

Tübingen, Baden Württemberg


If you are not at least a little familiar with this city, then you need to start looking at my older posts on here. I lived here for half of my time in Germany, and fell in love with the quaintness and beauty the city has to offer. It’s a perfect day trip with enough to see to fill your day, from walking through the alt stadt, to riding a stocherkahn, to visiting the Tübingen Castle, and of course going to the many parks Tübingen has to offer. Honestly a must see when you come to southern Germany.

Bad Urach, Baden Württemberg

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This place is a perfect hiking day trip, there is so much to explore in this area that is about a 40 minute train ride from both Stuttgart or Tübingen. I was here for the first time last weekend with a friend, and we were able to spend the whole day going from seeing waterfalls, to going to a castle and exploring the city itself. I highly recommend this, especially if you already live in Baden Württemberg.

Konstanz, Baden Württemberg


This city lays on the Bodensee (Lake Constance) on the border of Switzerland. Here you can find many beaches to spend your day swimming in the lake, you can also check out the beautiful old city and my favorite part: you can walk into Switzerland! For an American the idea of having a wall free border is a strange concept but here is one of many in Europe. It is what makes this beautiful city unique!

Heidelberg, Baden Württemberg

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This city has a big castle right in the middle of the old city, and it’s astounding to look at! The city is actually very popular with the tourists, and many people go in the castle to see the worlds biggest wine barrel (seriously it’s a thing). But there’s so much more to see, the old city is a very beautiful place to wander, and it’s right on the Rhine river which is one of the most important rivers in Europe!

Munich, Bavaria

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If there is one city you have heard of in this list, it would have to defiantly have to be Munich! One of biggest tourist spots in the whole country, it’s definitely a must see! From Oktoberfest, to Marienplatz, to Englischer Garten and not to mention BMW World this is a must stop on your trip to Germany (my personal favorite German city).

Ulm, Baden Württemberg/Neu Ulm, Bavaria

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Of course I saved the best for last, my hometown of Ulm! I love this place for many reasons, the amazing old city, the Ulmer Münster (the world’s tallest church!), the Danube (another very important river in Europe), the views from across the river in Neu Ulm (which by the way is in the state of Bavaria, not BW), the Tiergarten of Ulm, I could go on! Honestly I would recommend a couple days just to take in the beauty of the city, and if you need a tourguide let me know 😉


I thought this would be a fun blog post before it starts getting all serious with the whole experience coming to a close, I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂


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