Three Months Later, an Update (11/8/2018)

It’s been almost three months since I returned back to San Diego, and I can not believe how fast the time has gone. Much has happened since I have been back that I have not had time to write a blog post before this time, but now I feel like  it is the perfect time to do a wrap up of this blog.

Distance from Ulm to San Diego
The move was about 6,000 miles away from Ulm to San Diego

I moved back to the United States on August 21st, and from the day I flew back home I had so much to take care of. I was picked up by my parents at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport)  around 5 PM PST and stayed the night with them in Murrieta before making my last leg of the journey the next morning, which was an hour drive from my parents house to my new home in San Diego. When I got to San Diego my room was completely empty, therefore I spent most of my one week summer making my room “liveable”. Right around when I was happy with the look of my room, my classes were beginning.

I am currently taking 16 units (15 units of courses and a 1 unit sailing course) and luckily the classes are manageable. Some of the classes I am taking currently have peaked some interest for me, for instance my philosophy class or my history class (a class on Western European History from the 17th century onward). About a month into my studies at SDSU I officially made the switch from majoring in Mathematics to double majoring in German and International Security and Conflict Resolution (or ISCOR). Overall, I am happy with my new major, and enjoy it much more than when I was studying math. I also have two jobs as well as studying, I work at Wings N Things on SDSU campus part time and I also work a second job on campus (this I will mention later in my blog).

I feel lucky that I have kept in contact with some of my friends from abroad. I have a couple of German friends who I knew in Ulm that are studying abroad in San Diego, and I have been showing them around the city and the surrounding areas. My American friends who I met abroad are also still in the picture, my friends Eduardo and Coral who I knew in Tübingen are both from the area of San Diego (Coral currently lives in Portland but visits San Diego often). We all have met up since our return to the USA, for instance in September we all went to Tijuana, Mexico together along with my two German friends from Ulm. I also have kept in contact with people from various parts of Europe, for instance I have friends who live in Karlsruhe, Augsburg, and even Toulouse (France) who I still talk to on a regular basis. Not to mention I kept in contact with many friends who are not from Europe or the United States. For instance, one of my best friends (who I met in Germany) lives in Costa Rica.

In clockwise order: Me, Lucas, Coral, Michael, and Eduardo in Tijuana, Mexico 

I still find that my life is always revolving around my experience abroad, and I always find some way to incorporate it into my daily life. It’s a big part of my everyday conversation, as it always gets brought up somewhat in my conversations with people. Many people who I talk to are fascinated with the idea that I spent a year abroad in Europe and achieved bilingualism in a year. It’s something I’ve embraced, and I currently get paid to tell my experiences as I work for the SDSU Study Abroad Office as the CSUIP Assistant.

I also try to use German on a daily basis, for instance me and my friend from Costa Rica talk often in German to each other and even call on the phone and have conversations completely in German. It is hard to find people who do speak German here in San Diego, but I have found some and it is fun to practice with them as well. I am currently also trying to learn French, as being trilingual is a goal of mine that I want to achieve before I am 25 years old (but I must admit I am at least thankful for being bilingual).

While I loved my year in Germany, San Diego is truly my home.

Another question I get very often is this: “Do you miss Germany?” or “Do you wish you could move back to Germany?”. What I would say to those questions is while I did love my time abroad and Germany in general, I’m very happy with my current situation. For instance,  I miss the ease of transportation, the affordability of traveling, and the cute little villages throughout the states of Baden Württemberg and Bavaria. But at the same time, I still stand my ground with saying that San Diego is my favorite city on the planet. Everyday is just so beautiful here, the sunsets never get old, there’s so much going on in the city and there is so much to see here. I personally believe one of the best decisions I’ve made this past year was moving back to San Diego instead of staying in Germany for another year, as I really truly missed living here. I felt like before leaving for Germany I just wanted an escape from the same environment that I’ve grown up in for most of my life, and once I left California I grew a fond love for the state and the city of San Diego. Many people would say when I was living in Germany that they could see that I loved where I came from and it took me to leave San Diego for me to realize that. I can truly say for a fact that home is where the heart is and that for me is in San Diego.


Thank you for reading Einstoss Abroad.


One thought on “Three Months Later, an Update (11/8/2018)”

  1. Hi punkin! So nice to hear your studies at home now are so well!! And you have made life long friends on your journey. I’m so happy to have had updates on it all. Thank you for sharing you!!!! Love you and the family so much, give my love to them,


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